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Incorporated in 2016, Smart Internet is a Broadband Service Provider. Smart Internet offers high speed Internet through Ethernet LAN platform to residential users and through FTTH to SME and Corporate customers throughout the city. As a part of its growth plans, Smart Connect is rapidly expanding its presence in other towns across Patna. The Research & Development team of Draeamnet is constantly in look out for latest technologies in the field of networking & distribution and to adopt those in such a manner which would be congenial to the climatic as well as socio-economic environment of our country.





2016 Started the CompanyAlliance’s over 20 kms of optic fiber cable network in all its operational areas facilitates world-class service  delivery to its customers. The company has so far invested a substantial amount on Broadband cable  infrastructure across the city. The network has been put together by partnering with companies likes Cisco, ,  Elitecore Technologies, etc. Alliance employs over 250 skilled people and plans to upgrade its talent base over  the next two years.

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